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February 27, 2015 | 8th Adar 5775


Board of Trustees
May 1968
New York, New York


Reform Judaism has long recognized the need for constant vigil against those external forces which undermine our democracy and subvert American liberties. Equally clear is our condemnation of those internal forces which, in the name of patriotism, whip up hysteria, permit irresponsible attack on individuals by both private and governmental groups and otherwise deny the right of dissent.

At its 1953 and 1961 biennials, the UAHC criticized the procedures of the House Committee on Un-American Activities and urged that these procedures be revised in order to safeguard American civil liberties and traditions of justice and humanity.

WHEREAS, these recommended revisions have not been made, and

WHEREAS the House Committee on Un-American Activities continues to offend the spirit of the Bill of Rights, and

WHEREAS the investigative role of Congress can be more effectively and responsibly handled by the House Judiciary Committee and other established committees, and

WHEREAS, despite continuous public exposures of violations of civil liberties in this committee's procedures, despite the fact that a growing number of Americans view it as a violation of America's best traditions of justice and humanity, the House Committee on Un-American Activities continues to receive congressional sanction and financial support.

BE IT RESOLVED that we urge the transfer of the jurisdiction and activities of the House Committee on Un-American Activities to the House Committee on Judiciary.

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