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October 4, 2015 | 21st Tishrei 5776


37th Council
April 1941


RABBI LEIPZIGER: When the 37th Council of the Union of the American Hebrew Congregation shall be seen in perspective, it will appear as a session of earnest self examination and honest self-criticism; a session giving new direction to the Union's hopes, a bolder vision of its goal.

Yet, it is only from measurable achievements that higher hopes do spring and it is only from accomplished tasks that new directions can be chanelled.

Thus, the towering realities which rises above the debate and hopeful planning of this Council, is the record of the Union's achievements as outlined by its devoted President in his message to this Council in its hour of crisis.

These achievements were the frutiage of the loyal service of many men, but among them, none bore more clearly the responsibility of the tasks, and earns, therefore, more certainly the guerdon of praise for achievement than he, who for well nigh thirty-five years, has, in calm waters and troubled, been at the helm — the Union's esteemed Executive Director.


Mark Michael Zepin

September 11, 2012
02:32 PM

Remembering My Great Uncle George

When this Resolution was made I wasn't born yet, but in the years that followed I got to know my great uncle well. Although we lived in Chicago, I remember making regular visits with my parents to Cincinnati to see and spend time with my uncle. He made it so I could take my first ride in a small airplane, and he told me many stories about Jewish history and some of details of his travels around the United States as a Rabbi. I miss him terribly and think about him often. I am looking forward to one day soon going to the Jewish Archives and reading some of his papers. He was a wonderful man and a wonderful uncle.


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