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October 7, 2015 | 24th Tishrei 5776

Assistant Camp Director - URJ Camp Newman

This full time position works out of our San Rafael, CA office.

URJ Camp Newman is seeks a dynamic, compassionate, thoughtful and mission-driven individual to join the Camp Newman, NFTY and URJ Youth Engagement Community as Assistant Director.  The Assistant Director will serve as a member of the full time camp professional leadership team, striving towards Camp’s mission of inspiring a love of Judaism, in collaboration and team work with other staff, lay leaders and stakeholders.  This full-time role will work out of the San Rafael, CA office.

 Primary Areas of Responsibility:

·        Hiring, training, supervising Counselors/Specialists for Camp Newman and Camp focused retreats, both weekend and weekday

·        Present at dozens of Congregations Camp’s summer and retreat programs, building towards camper, parent recruitment

·        Supervise summer & Newman retreat program schedules/program operations and systems.

·        Supervise summer Teen programs, CIT, Avodah, in collaboration with NFTY/CYE director, staff


Staff Recruitment, Leadership, Management, Care:

·        Implement human resource management practices to recruit and retain summer and seasonal staff, including recruitment and training.

 ·        Recruit staff based on camper enrollment and program management requirements as well as Jewish educational goals.  This includes the recruitment, training and logistics of international staff.

 ·        Manage contract negotiations, payroll systems, paperwork collection systems, background/reference check systems, and travel logistics and reimbursement systems, in collaboration with administrative director.


Camper Recruitment:

 ·        Constantly work to understand how campers, staff, parents and faculty are communicating and then consistently maintain a presence in their ever-changing community.

 ·        Manage the application process for our eldest specialty teen programs. The process includes an application, letter of reference and interview for 100+ campers.

 ·        Speak with camper parents to address questions and concerns.

 ·        Visit up to 50 congregations, communities per year to promote camp.

 ·        Build relationships with parents, campers face to face, year-round and through camper-councils and other means to engage campers throughout the year

 ·        Collaborate with staff on all marketing


Summer Preparations:

 ·        In consultation with the team, prepare programs, activities and trips for the upcoming summer, and support the physical preparation of the camp, including ordering and inventorying supplies, purchasing equipment, (with administrative director)

  ·        Coordinate with TSA, Port Authority, Sheriffs Department and airlines to ensure the safe travel, arrival and departure of all campers and staff. Supervise airport transportation systems.

 ·        Manage vendor relationships, point person for musicians, artists, supply rentals, Israeli scouts.

 ·        Remain current with information on the developmental needs of youth.



 ·        Work as supporting member of director team for Fall Camp, West Coast Party, West Coast Party Junior, and Family Camp Days.

 ·        Attend some key Temple retreats and occasional NFTY retreats to provide a high level of customer service as well as to develop relationships with clergy, families and staff and kids.


Security Officer:

 ·        Serve as the Security Officer to implement crisis and risk management procedures.

 ·        Train staff on all proper safety and security protocols.

 ·        Facilitate emergency drills to ensure that all of camp knows how to act in an emergency.

·        Maintain relationships with key personnel at Oakland Airport to ensure safe travel of all camp

·        Guide Camp Security officers, in collaboration with administrative director.


Community Communications:

 ·        During the summer, supervise digital communication with parents including the taking and uploading of digital photos and other blogging or emails. During year-round, collaborate with Director of Advancement & New Initiatives on social media oversight.

 Summer Program/Operations:

·        Supervise daily, master schedules and schedules systems. Insure systems in daily schedule are followed.

 ·        Supervise Rosh Mishlachat, in collaboration with director team.

 ·        Supervise night time supervision systems – shmira, super shmira, etc.

 ·        Supervise all camp events.

 ·        Supervise staff “happiness” systems.

 ·        Supervise staff placements.

 ·        Supervise intersession and staff (non-senior staff) week systems.

 ·        Supervise the daily cleaning of cabins, camp space – nikayon.



 ·        An awareness and knowledge of the collective mission, values, and guiding principles of URJ, Camp Newman, NFTY and related entities.

 ·        The ability to work with a team within a complex setting, varying and evolving dynamics and various levels of leadership, to fulfill personal, communal and organizational goals.

 ·        Possession of the necessary communication skills to convey teamwork, listening, supporting team, supervisees and staff.

 ·        Excellent interpersonal skills with staff and stakeholders.

 ·        Superb organizational skills to implement, execute mission.

 ·        Flexibility and perspective to adapt to ever changing goals and staffing structures. 




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