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October 10, 2015 | 27th Tishrei 5776

Remarks of Rabbi Eric Yoffie at Installation of Rabbi Rick Jacobs

June 9, 2012

Rabbi Jacobs, Rick--
Today we are blessed to welcome you as our leader and teacher.
We are thirsty to learn from you,
Eager to pray with you,
And hungry for your guidance and vision.

It has been my honor to lead and serve this community,
And it is my honor now to pass the mantle of leadership to you.
It is a sacred and holy burden, and one that you already bear with dignity and with grace.

To carry out this task, you will need courage, and boldness, and love of Torah.
You will need unending patience.
You will need an ability to heal and a willingness to fight--for justice and the progressive values that Reform Jews hold dear.
And as we all know, you possess all of these qualities in abundance.

And now, on behalf of the congregation here assembled –a congregation that embraces you and supports you and stands with you as one--I pass you this scroll and offer you this blessing:

May God shine on you and through you,
May God bless you--and all of your family--with health and strength,
May God watch over you always and preserve you from harm,
May God bless the choices that you make and the new path that you are about to take,
May you be a blessing to this world, to the people Israel, and to this movement.
And may the light of Torah that burns so brightly within you illuminate all that you touch.
Kee eemcha adonai elohecha, b'chal asher taylach: and may God be with you, wherever you choose to lead us, wherever you choose to go.

And together we all say: Amen.

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