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October 8, 2015 | 25th Tishrei 5776


Reform Movement Demonstrates
Support for Peace Process
A Dispatch from Camp David
July 12, 2000

As you know, yesterday was the first day of a Middle East Peace summit at Camp David. And as many of know, in recent years such summits (at Shepherdstown, WV, and Wye River, MD) have attracted some in the American Jewish Community who oppose the peace process. Even relatively small demonstrations, coupled with our absence, at the summits have too often created the false impression that most American Jews oppose the peace process. That, of course, is simply not true, and this time we resolved to make a strong, public show of our support for the leaders as they head into what will be a difficult negotiation.

So as the summit opened yesterday, we were there. And we will be there repeatedly, and we will be where everywhere we need to be to make sure our message of support for the peace process is heard.

The following is a Dispatch from the Summit by Jeff Mandell, Legislative Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC). The RAC coordinated our demonstration yesterday, working closely with ARZA, the Mid-Atlantic Council and, as you will read, Camp Harlam. I hope you find Jeff's dispatch as interesting as I did, and that reading it you share my pride in the role our Movement is playing in these critical days.

I have asked Jeff to remain at the summit for a few days, and to file additional dispatches every day, providing our leadership with as much of a feel for the atmosphere at Camp David as is possible. I will share Jeff's dispatches with you each morning, and would welcome our reaction to them.

Eric Yoffie

Daily dispatch reports from the summit can be found at the UAHC Peace Summit homepage


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