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October 4, 2015 | 21st Tishrei 5776

The Union of American Hebrew Congregations

The Synagogue Arm of the Reform Movement

As we gather this Shabbat, each in our own community, we will be united in our grief and pain over the violence this week in Jerusalem. So recently has our "City of Peace" been devastated that there has hardly been time to heal from the last attack. We weep, as our mother Rachel wept:
A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping! Rachel is weeping for her children, refusing to be comforted for them, for they are no more. (Jeremiah 31:15)
To our prayers this Shabbat we add a prayer for Medinat Yisrael -- the State of Israel -- and for her people, our brothers and sisters.
From Psalms 122:6-9

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; may those who love you prosper! Let there be peace in your homes, safety within your borders. For the sake of my people, my friends, I pray you find peace. For the sake of the house of the Eternal our God, I will seek your good.

Eternal God, grant blessing to the State of Israel, created to fulfill an age-old dream and to be a haven for the oppressed. Protect her people with Your grace, shelter them with Your peace, and grant them deliverance from the violence that surrounds them. May they live in harmony with one another and with their neighbors. May the bonds of faith and fate that unite the Jews of all lands be a source of strength to Israel and us all.

(Editor's note: the original contains the Hebrew for these prayers)


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