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August 29, 2015 | 14th Elul 5775

Emily Grotta

UAHC Israel Relief and the United Jewish Communities

When we announced the creation of the UAHC Israel Relief Fund earlier this month we said the goals were to provide assistance to the victims of terror, to purchase medical equipment and supplies, and to fund emergency social service programs run by the Israel Reform movement to help children and the elderly during this crisis. We are aware, for example, that Israeli parents do not want their children playing unattended near home or visiting malls and other crowded places during the current crisis; therefore, the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism-the Israel Reform Movement -is establishing neighborhood activity centers in our congregations and schools and is expanding its summer camp program to accommodate additional participants, particularly children from disadvantaged backgrounds. These programs will serve the general population and not only Reform youth.

Following our announcement, the United Jewish Communities (UJC) announced its plans to establish a fund to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for emergency needs in Israel, including support for victims of terror and the purchase of medical supplies. Recognizing the need for the services that our Movement will supply, the UJC has now agreed to allocate $780,000 to fund the emergency programs described above provided by Reform institutions in Israel.

Together, the UAHC and UJC will be sending close to $1 million
to our Reform partners in Israel.

We are grateful to the UJC for this allocation, which makes it possible for our institutions to begin work immediately on these services. As IMPJ Chairman Jonathan Livny and Executive Director Rabbi David Ariel Yoel wrote to me: "We have no doubt that the sum of money raised through your efforts and active involvement will greatly enhance the activities of our children and the youth in our congregations this summer. It will alleviate the burden of providing safety and protection, which unfortunately has become a part of the reality of our daily routine."

The UJC and the UAHC are united in their goals during this emergency and, at this moment, Israel will best be served by a united communal effort. We are therefore discontinuing our campaign and asking our members and congregations to make donations directly to the UJC campaign through your local federation by mailing checks to United Jewish Communities, Israel Appeal, P.O. Box 30, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY 10113, or online at

Funds already donated to the UAHC Israel Relief Fund will be distributed for the purposes originally stated, and each donor will receive a report on the allocations made. If future donations come in to the Fund, donors will be asked whether they wish their donations to be directed to the UJC.

We thank you and your members for their generosity in this time of need for the State of Israel.

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