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URJ Biennial

2011 URJ Biennial Highlights

December 14-18 - The 6,000 attendees at the URJ's 71st Biennial conference near Washington, DC - the largest ever - heard from national and international leaders and saw a historic changeover of leadership. The URJ recommitted itself to cultivating the next generation through the Campaign for Youth Engagement and announced a new emphasis on reaching North American Jews both inside and outside the walls of its congregations.

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Did you have an incredible Biennial experience? Do you have comments or suggestions you'd like to share? Please take 10 minutes to complete this Biennial evaluation. Your feedback is invaluable and will be used as we prepare for the 2013 Biennial in San Diego, CA.

Images of Biennial

Speeches & Blog Posts

Rabbi Jonah Pesner: Launching the Campaign for Youth Engagement at Biennial
December 18 - Boker Tov! Zeh hayom asa Adonai, nagila ve-nismcha bo! This is a day that GOD has given us; Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Rabbi Rick Jacobs: At the End of Two Years
December 18 - This Biennial is almost over but we’re just getting started.

Stephen Sacks: Chairman's Address to the Biennial
December 18 - Thank you Eric and thank you all for the great honor you have bestowed on me.

Rabbi Eric Yoffie: Shabbat Sermon
December 17 - We gather again on this Shabbat as a Reform family – experiencing together these precious hours of sacred time, praying as only we know how.

Rabbi Daniel Freelander: Since Last Biennial
December 14 - We have had two interesting years of growth, of challenges and excitement with an eye to the future.

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