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URJ Biennial - San Diego, CA - December 11-15, 2013

Make ‘Em Laugh!: The First (Annual?) Biennial Stand-up Comedy Competition

And the finalists are...

Susie Sigman

Cindy Feit

Seth Front


We're looking for the funniest person at this year's URJ Biennial in San Diego, and we're down to the final three. Funny finalists Susie Sigman, Cindy Feit, and Seth Front will face off in an epic "Battle of the Biennial Comics" on Wednesday, December 11, in the Biennial's Kikar (no, that's not a Japanese steakhouse, it's the Biennial "Town Square," where convention attendees can mix and mingle, meet and greet, and see some of the finest talent the URJ has to offer). The winner of that battle will be given a three-minute set to open for professional comedians Joel Chasnoff and Bob Alper on Thursday night, December 12 th, at one of San Diego's premiere Gaslight District clubs.

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