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URJ Biennial
Biennial Youth Intro
High School teens who attend the NFTY Leaders Assembly at Biennial will experience the tremendous sense of community, the fellowship and the “magic” that happens when 4,500 Reform Jews gather in one place. They will come home energized with new skills and a strengthened Jewish identity to share with their family, congregation and community. NFTYites will participate in learning sessions, plenaries and forums of the larger Biennial while also participating in exclusive NFTY-only programming, including Saturday afternoon activities in Washington, DC. They will be part of the Shabbat worship experience and will eat dinner on Friday night with the adult delegates. Teen delegates will also participate in a program of the Education Summit that is being led in conjunction with the Religious Action Center.

The NFTY program runs Thursday, December 15th through Sunday, December 18th. For more information and online registration, visit
Biennial Youth - Ed. Summit
Learn why teens and their families leave their synagogues post b'nei mitzvah, and what your congregation can do about it. This track within the Biennial is for congregational leaders devoted to education and concerned about the significant drop off rate of teens and their families after bar and bat mitzvah. Summit participants will also take part in some sessions of the Biennial, but in order to take advantage of these special sessions, you must be registered for the Summit. For more background on the Summit and the Campaign, read this issue of Torah at the Center.

Who should attend the Educational Summit: Youth Engagement?

Anyone who cares about engaging teens and their families in Jewish life. Because this is an education issue as well as a membership issue, and because it affects both teens and their parents, congregations or organizations that send a team of volunteers (presidents, education committee chairs, and membership chairs, for example) and professionals (educators, youth workers, rabbis and cantors) will get the most out of the Summit.

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