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"How are you Jewish?” is a question Rivka Campbell, a Canadian Jew of Jamaican descent, hears often, and there’s nothing more exhausting than having to explain repeatedly her presence in a community to which she belongs.

For many people from marginalized Jewish communities, interacting with the larger Jewish community can be fraught with these sorts of interactions. Even if a question is well-meaning or prompted by genuine curiosity, there’s often a gap between the conventional wisdom of what a Jew looks like to the Ashke-normative brain of mainstream Judaism, and what a Jew...

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Block letters -- A-B-C -- in an outstretched palm

When I was a child, I would swim the long length of the pool without taking a breath. I remember gasping for air when my hand finally touched the wall. That is exactly how I feel now – at the end of the first of three years as president of Temple Shaaray Tefila in New York City.

It’s been a long, exhilarating year and I’m grateful for these quieter summer days that offer time to review the past 12 months and plan for the year ahead. The ABCs I use as a career coach to help clients self-reflect are the same ones I’m using to coach myself...

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Group of people smiling together at the 2015 URJ Biennial wearing conference badges

Did you know you can earn benefits when you register early for the URJ Biennial 2017?

Kicking off in just 148 days, the URJ Biennial is the largest, most exciting Jewish gathering in North America and you won't want to miss a minute of it! With just five months to go, representatives from more than 200 congregations are already registered.

You probably know all the reasons why you should attend URJ Biennial 2017, like the 140+ sessions covering...

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paper cutout of people held by two hands in front of bright sunlight

I attended religious school from an early age and have beautiful, loving memories of practicing Hebrew with my father, who was raised in an Orthodox family. My mom was fiercely proud of being Jewish, but had no interest in practicing Judaism. I became a bat mitzvah and confirmand at our small Reform congregation, but after my confirmation at age 16, I didn’t have any formal connection to the Jewish community for many years.

It wasn’t until...

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White ladders of all reaches laid against a blue background with the highest ladder glowing as if to represent success

In a large metro area that offers families with young children many early childhood educational options, is collaboration among preschool directors possible? Can the leaders of these early childhood organizations view each other as collaborators and not as threats?

As participants in the Chicago Early Engagement Leadership Initiative (CEELI), we’re proof the answer is “Yes!”

Supported by Crown Family Philanthropies and an anonymous funder, and directed by the Union...

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