congregational life

congregational life

White heart-shaped flowers hanging from a stem

I am in my seat at the Metropolitan Opera House. The majestic crystal chandeliers start their rise into the sky. The spotlight reveals an elegantly attired conductor.

Rabbi Stacy Offner
Alarm clock on dresser; woman awake in bed in the middle of the night

If you devote your volunteer time or your professional career to a synagogue, what keeps you up at night?

Michael H. Goldberg
Man and woman playing guitars and singing while leading worship services

As a relatively new cantor, I approach each day as a learning experience and am thrilled by the number of congregants who show up each year for

Cantor Lizzie Weiss
Block letters -- A-B-C -- in an outstretched palm

When I was a child, I would swim the long length of the pool without taking a breath. I remember gasping for air when my hand finally touched the wall.

Barri Waltcher
paper cutout of people held by two hands in front of bright sunlight

I attended religious school from an early age and have beautiful, loving memories of practicing Hebrew with my father, who was raised in an Orthodox family.

Jill Goodman
White ladders of all reaches laid against a blue background with the highest ladder glowing as if to represent success

In a large metro area that offers families with young children many early childhood educational options, is collaboration among preschool directors possible?

Susie Wexler, Nancy Manewith, Leanne Nathan, and Cherene Radis
Cantorial Soloist Tara Abrams and Rabbi Benjie Gruber on the pulpit

Cantorial Soloist Tara Abrams: Our synagogue, Temple Har Zion (THZ), is a medium-sized congregation in the greater Toronto area in Ontario,

Rabbi Benjie Gruber and Tara Abrams
Statue of Justice -- blindfolded with a sword in one hand and a scale in the other

This past year, I had a wonderful experience as a participant in the Rabbi Balfour Brickner Rabbinic Seminar and Fellowship thr

Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler
Pope Francis and Rabbi Rick Jacobs

The New York Times reported last week on a sweeping new survey of t

Rabbi Rick Jacobs