congregational life

congregational life

anti-Semitic graffiti

With bomb threats and acts of vandalism aimed at Jewish institutions dominating the headlines, congregational leaders are evaluating their synagogues’ safety and security procedures.

Michael H. Goldberg
Two girls on the bank of a pond

I never went to summer camp, unless you count the rec program on the playground in Fords, New Jersey, where I grew up.

Nancy Levene
Two puzzle pieces being held in front of bright sunlight

Whenever we undergo a major life change – getting married, having a child, moving, or starting a new job, for example – we can feel overwhelmed with all there is to learn, adapt, and incorporate in

Rabbi Marci Bellows
Three pre-teen girls in colorful hats and feathered boas

Dimorphous expression” is the simultaneous display of contrasting emotions: for example, crying upon seeing an adorable

Rabbi Billy Dreskin
Transgender restroom sign

In 2014, Congregation Kol Ami in Elkins Park, PA, hosted a “Kindness Counts” conference that focused on welcoming LGBTQ Jews to the community.

Jane Tausig
Sign welcoming refugees with a Canadian flag

During the past year, the government of Canada admitted 25,000 Syrian refugees and another 11,000 have been arriving as part of private sponsorship opportunities.

Sara Charney
Sign-post with these signs: help, support, advice, guidance

There was a time when congregational leadership roles were clearly defined. Staff members served one role and volunteers served another.

Gila Hadani Ward
Colorful recycling bins against green grass

Our role as custodians and stewards of God’s earth is to protect and preserve the ecology and environment as best we can.

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