congregational life

congregational life

Pope Francis and Rabbi Rick Jacobs

The New York Times reported last week on a sweeping new survey of t

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Closeup of and elderly woman and a young woman holding hands as though to represent caretaking

As older Americans stay fit and engaged in active lives, a great number of them nevertheless count on a measure of companionship and support to be provided by family members – usually their adult c

Wendl Kornfeld
Large group of smiling URJ staffers and lay leaders in matching URJ tee shirts posing together at URJ spring training

The most valuable asset each of us has is time. God-willing, each day we’re given 24 hours. What do we do with it? Sometimes we invest it in exchange for money.

Bruce Josephy
Closeup of a handshake between two men

Leaders at almost every synagogue would say their congregation strives to be a welcoming community. The challenge, of course, is how to put that into practice.

April Baskin and Carly Goldberg
Male and female graduating NFTY seniors with their arms around one another while wearing college tee shirts

One of our great sages, Mark Twain, famously and correctly observed that everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it. The same, unfortunately, could be said of the lack of Je

Rabbi Rick Jacobs and Evan Traylor
NFTY Teenagers

I thought Thursday, September 8th was going to be a typical Thursday evening on a call with teens – an hour-long call in which we’d likely encounter some tech problems, side conversation

Beth Lipschutz
Alarm clock on dresser; woman awake in bed in the middle of the night

If you devote your volunteer time or your professional career to a synagogue, what keeps you up at night?

Michael H. Goldberg
Beth Emet Fronteras Trip Photos

At the end of March this year, I joined with 15 of my students for six days of living and learning with the Cristo Rey Lutheran Church in El Paso, Texas – an organization that runs the U.S.-Mexico

Abby Backer
Author Rabbi Billy Dreskin and his mentee Rabbi Jason Fenster smiling with their arms around one another in celebration of Rabbi Fensters ordination

Woodlands Community Temple has been part of the HUC-JIR rabbinic fieldwork program since 1976.

Rabbi Billy Dreskin