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Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, one of the great Jewish thinkers and writers of the twentieth century, helps us understand our connection with prayer through the concepts of keva and kav

Larry Glickman, FTA
Shot from the back of a large room where a woman is speaking at the front and giving a presentation

The URJ Youth Summit is underway in Chicago, IL, where it’s running parallel to NFTY Convention, brin

Kate Bigam
Sign-post with these signs: help, support, advice, guidance

There was a time when congregational leadership roles were clearly defined. Staff members served one role and volunteers served another.

Gila Hadani Ward
Phases of the moon

There is no more joyous time than the winter holiday season, but this year, the combined Hanukkah/Christmas calendar also marks t

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Challah and candlesticks at the head of a congregation

During the past year, the Inside Leadership blog has introduced you to various concepts that every congregational leader should know.

Daphne Macy

When I became president-elect of Congregation Beth Emek in Pleasanton, California, we faced an unexpected rabbinic transition.

Skylar Cohen

In the coming months, the URJ’s Leadership Institute will offer a Scholar Series on Leade

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