Teens & Racial Justice
“B’chol dor va’dor chayav adam lirot atzmu k’ilu hu yatza mi’mitzrayim,” from generation to generation, each person is required to imagine that they themselves went forth from Egy
Joel N. Abraham
Chocolate cakepops with different kinds of sprinkles

Mah Nishtanah haPesach hazeh mikol haPesachim? Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers?

Lisa Segal

Returning from Israel on the 2017 URJ Board Mission last week, I met a woman giving out mishloach manot, gift baskets of food, at Ben Gurion Airport.

Miriam Chilton
NFTY Asefah

This spring, as the flowers start to bloom and we put away our warm winter clothes, another transition is happening in many of our congregations: teens on youth group boards will pass the baton of

Large group of happy NFTY teens posing in front of the stage where a band is playing

Every week, we open our Torah and read the words written thousands ago. Think of the upheaval, the wars, the change that those words have witnessed.

Rabbi Benjamin David
Group of smiling teens together at Shabbat dinner

When I first startedmy job as the songleader and director of youth engagement for Isaac M.

Ben Pagliaro
Smiling NFTY members and alumni of all ages pose together in front of a logo banner

Think back to your days in high school. Who were your friends? What did you do on the weekends? How were your grades?

Evan Traylor
Smiling teen girl holding a Torah in a crowd of teens

Pulsing music. Cheering crowds. A roar of enthusiasm as fans rushed the stage. 

Shelley Niceley Groff

Purim is often celebrated by dressing up as the brave and honest characters from the Megillah, who stood up for their peoplehood.

Lori Zlotoff

Nearly a month ago, I participated in the Women’s March on Washington, DC. On Friday night before the march, I davened at Temple Sinai with cler

Miriam Chilton