Top Reform Bodies Renew Call for NFL Team to Change Name, Logo

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Top Reform Bodies Renew Call for NFL Team to Change Name, Logo

Two top Reform movement groups reiterated their call on the Washington Redskins NFL franchise to change its name and logo.

“’Redskin’ is a racial slur that references the deplorable treatment of American Indians that has been a significant part of this country’s history,” Rabbi Jonah Pesner, who heads Reform’s Religious Action Center, said in a letter delivered Monday to the franchise’s headquarters by “Change the Mascot,” a group advocating for the change.

“The logo, seemingly attempting to draw upon the archetype of an Indian warrior, blatantly mocks a culture that struggles to survive,” said the letter, addressed to Dan Snyder, who is Jewish, and who in the past has called on Jewish groups to defend him against what he perceived to be anti-Jewish slurs.

Read the full story from JTA.


Published: 12/16/2015

Categories: Social Justice & Advocacy
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