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View from bimah of Consultation on Conscience 2017 participants filling sanctuary (including the balcony)

The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism recently concluded its 2017 Consultation on Conscience. With more than 800 Reform Movement leaders and activists gathered from across North America, the excitement to build a more just world was palpable. Participants from 89 congregational and community-based delegations, representing 200 synagogues, came together as a movement to learn and be inspired by our guest speakers, as well as by one another – returning home to cities and towns across...

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Beekers and other laboratory tools filled with colorful liquids as though ready for scientific experimentation

One of eight principles the URJ has articulated for driving strong congregations is experimentation. That may seem like an oxymoron: a synagogue – steeped in thousands of years of tradition, experimenting? But if we’ve learned anything from the trajectory of Jewish history, it’s that we are an adaptive people. From the paradigm shift after the destruction of the Second Temple to the birth of the State of Israel and the growing richness of the North American Jewish community, ours is an...

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Male and female graduating NFTY seniors with their arms around one another while wearing college tee shirts

One of our great sages, Mark Twain, famously and correctly observed that everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it. The same, unfortunately, could be said of the lack of Jewish engagement on college campuses. Of course, there are many success stories, and the Reform Movement is proud to have played in role in them – but more often than not, our congregations say goodbye to our students when they graduate high school.

In an effort to reverse the trend, we at the URJ are excited to share a number of new and upcoming initiatives to make it easier to maintain...

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NFTY Teenagers

I thought Thursday, September 8th was going to be a typical Thursday evening on a call with teens – an hour-long call in which we’d likely encounter some tech problems, side conversations, and background distractions before everyone rushed off to their next commitment. That night, however, kicked off a new initiative, suggested by a teen leader, that has transformed the way teens in NFTY’s Missouri Valley Region are engaging with each other around social justice issues.

Twice a month, Alex, the NFTY MV Social Action Vice President hosts a Zoom call for teens to get informed and...

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Youth professionals gathered around a table working together with notebooks and pens scattered across the surface of the table

The URJ is excited to announce the launch of the Youth Professional 101 Fellowship (YP101), a fellowship program for full- and part-time youth professionals in the first two years of their careers.

Fellowship participants will learn with experts in the field, create a peer-to-peer learning group, and explore how to create meaningful and sustainable youth engagement models in their community. The Youth Professional 101 Fellowship began last year as a URJ Community of Practice...

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