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Sustained moral outrage must be our only response to the prevalence of firearm-related deaths in our country. As a community of faith, it is incumbent upon us not only to express this outrage but to present and advocate for life-saving solutions to the problem of gun violence.

Aiding the passage of Initiative 594, we did exactly that.

In 2014, Temple De Hirsch Sinai helped pass I-594 to close the background check loopholes prior to firearm purchase in Washington State. Working with the ...

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If you will it, it is no dream. -- Theodor Herzl

As Herzl learned, willing and dreaming were not enough to create the State of Israel. Likewise, it would take more than willing and dreaming to deepen the engagement of families with young children at Chicago Sinai Congregation in Chicago, IL.

Although our preschool operated in its own silo, separate from the congregation and its leaders, the congregation for years had sought ways to connect preschool families with the wider community. Despite our best efforts,...

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Screencap of panel on Meet the Press featuring Rabbi David Saperstein

Rabbi David Saperstein, senior adviser to the URJ and director emeritus of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, was a recent guest on a Meet the Press special discussion about the role of religious leaders during a period of heightened political rhetoric. He joined a panel alongside Bishop T.D. Jakes and Pastor JoAnn Hummel, moderated by Chuck Todd.

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Audacious Hospitality (AH), a pillar of the Union for Reform Judaism’s endeavors, is firing on all cylinders. The JewV’Nation Fellows are rolling out their project prototypes, we’ve got dozens of applications for the Belin Awards in-hand, our Online Introduction to Judaism™ pilot classes are full (with a robust waiting list), and this...

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Everyone wants an easy answer: “Tell us what to do, and we’ll do it!” synagogue leaders often plead – but given congregations’ varied histories, cultures, demographics, physical spaces, and resources, no single solution will work for every community. Even if it did, given the complex challenges presented by a fast-moving and rapidly changing world, a simple plug-in solution is unlikely to work for long.

Instead of trying to replicate best practices that seemed to work for another community, congregations should seek “best principles” to guide them in the work specific to their...

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