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North American board members in Israel
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Every week, we open our Torah and read the words written thousands ago. Think of the upheaval, the wars, the change that those words have witnessed.

Our Torah portions at this time of year center on the Jews' exodus from Egypt. We read of a dictator bent on crushing a minority people; of persecution, both overt and less obvious; and of the unassuming hero, Moses, a figure singled out by God, not for supernatural strength or overwhelming confidence, but for humility and wisdom.

In these times of change, we look to Moses, as our people have for so long, and turn our kids in...

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It’s 2017, and Facebook is nothing new. A far cry from the college-centric social network that debuted in 2006, Facebook is now the most popular social media platform in the world, used by 79% of adults (and 68% of adults in the United States). Among users, three-quarters check Facebook daily.

Still, many congregations struggle with engagement on Facebook. What kind of posts will garner responses from members and potential members? How can we get past Facebook’s tendency to throttle organic post exposure...

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Group of smiling young adults on an overlook in Israel with the Jerusalem skyline behind them

Too often, returnees from Birthright Israel trips are bombarded with questions (and many times answers) about the impact of the trip on their lives:

“Are you more connected with your Jewish roots?”

“Did you meet a nice Jewish girl/boy?”

“Did you feel safe while you were over there?”

“You must want to move to Israel now!”

However well-intentioned these questions may be, they fail to provide young adults with the...

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Flowers and notes of support delivered from Muslim NYU students to Jewish NYU students

These have been difficult days for our Jewish community, as we witness waves of hate and bigotry infecting our country. Seconds after news broke about last week’s round of JCC bomb threats, Rev. Dr. William J. Barber – one of today’s most preeminent religious voices for civil rights and social justice – texted me to offer his assistance. I’m more grateful than ever to have such a profound friendship and partnership with Rev. Barber as our...

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Whenever we undergo a major life change – getting married, having a child, moving, or starting a new job, for example – we can feel overwhelmed with all there is to learn, adapt, and incorporate into our lives.

A few months ago, I experienced three such changes all at once: having a baby, moving to a new community, and starting a new rabbinical position at Congregation Beth Shalom Rodfe Zedek (CBSRZ), a century-old, 230-member community in Chester, CT. Together, my husband and I have embarked on the sacred journey of parenthood and creating a...

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