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Bendy childrens toys in primary colors with cartoony smiling faces

Returning from Israel on the 2017 URJ Board Mission last week, I met a woman giving out mishloach manot, gift baskets of food, at Ben Gurion Airport. This woman was Rachelle Fraenkel, the mother of one of the three young men who were kidnapped and killed by terrorists in the summer of 2014. Rachelle, along with her family, chose to spend Purim at the airport giving out mishloach manot to strangers because she wanted her...

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View of empty sanctuary pews from pulpit with Bible on it

The Johnson Amendment, a national law restricting political activity in churches, synagogues, and other non-profit organizations, is making news as some preachers are using the pulpit to instruct their faithful how to vote. These clergy see the Johnson Amendment as a muzzle. They believe freedom of religion and freedom of speech mean the freedom to take worship time to express partisan political views.

To be...

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NFTY Asefah

This spring, as the flowers start to bloom and we put away our warm winter clothes, another transition is happening in many of our congregations: teens on youth group boards will pass the baton of leadership to their peers in youth group elections. For some of you, the youth group model may be changing, while for others, this time-honored tradition is a major pillar of leadership in your community. However your congregation has set up your teen leadership model, one thing is universal: elections can be challenging. After all, by lifting up some teens we run the risk of disenfranchising or...

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Press Release

Contact: Lauren Theodore at 212-650-4154


We were pleased to spend nearly an hour with Prime Minister Netanyahu today, as we concluded our week-long leadership Mission to Israel. 

We discussed the full array of issues that have been raised during this meaningful trip. It was, fittingly, a wide-ranging and candid conversation. 

We shared, for example, our concern about maintaining a bipartisan American consensus in support of a strong U.S./Israel relationship. 


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Smiling women sitting together at a Women for Reform Judaism event

Spring is just around the corner, and with that comes continued planning of district activities. For Women of Reform Judaism and our temple sisterhoods, Spring Kallot and Area Days are vital additions to any district calendar.

Spring Kallah is an important gathering that fills in the gap between district conventions and involves every sisterhood within the district. Area Days take place when a number of sisterhoods within a certain geographical area get together for a few hours, a day or a whole weekend. Area Directors work with the sisterhoods...

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