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March 5, 2015 | 14th Adar 5775

Conference on Reform Judaism Heritage: The Wises, Einhorn and Beyond

The Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati, and the Society for Classical Reform Judaism will celebrate the fourth year of a partnership that has enabled a new generation of rabbinic students to encounter the distinctive principles and traditions of the Reform Jewish heritage. In addition to the ongoing scholarship opportunities, liturgical resources and annual seminars sponsored by the Society, this milestone will be marked by a special conference on the theme "reclaiming and renewing our heritage" with a variety of programs exploring the legacies of leading pioneers of the Movement.

Date March 21, 2013 to March 23, 2013
Location Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati campus

More information is available at:

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Shabbat Parah
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Shabbat HaChodesh
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Pesach I
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28/17 Nisan
Pesach III (CH''M)
29/18 Nisan
Pesach IV (CH''M)
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Pesach V (CH''M)
31/20 Nisan
Pesach VI (CH''M)
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