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October 6, 2015 | 23rd Tishrei 5776
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Strengthening Congregations

Strengthening congregations is a key URJ 2020 Vision priority. This team will support congregations to remain relevant and impactful to thrive for future generations. Every member of this team is available to assist congregations. Your first stop for all questions: Judi Ratner, Robin Riegelhaupt or Gabby Kozak – at 855-URJ-1800 and Learn more.

Communities of Practice
Through communities of practice, URJ congregations are coming together to learn from experts in the field, ask big questions, share ideas and best principles, apply these lessons through experimentation and as a result, strengthen their congregation. Participation in a community of practice emboldens congregational lay leaders and professionals to take risks, learn from their successes and challenges and establish new knowledge for the field and the Movement. Learn more.
URJ Communities
URJ Communities are lay-led organizations, whose primary agenda and activities reflect the insights of lay leaders. The URJ Community leaders have had special training, and ongoing advice from the gifted professionals of the Union-but the strategies, programs and evaluations are the responsibility of the Community lay leadership. Each Community has three lay leaders: a Chair, a Vice-Chair for Presidents and a Vice-Chair for Community Building plus a staff partner. Learn more.
Welcome to The Tent: Online Collaboration for the Reform Movement
secondary-tech.jpg Join thousands of Reform Movement lay leaders and synagogue professionals in our easy-to-use online discussion groups to learn, share and build community -- within your temple and across the Movement. Join us online in The Tent.
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