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September 5, 2015 | 21st Elul 5775

- This seminar was easily one of the most meaningful professional development experiences of my entire career.

- I have already started to put the things I learned at the Scheidt Seminar into practice. I [have] three pages of ideas and thoughts that came to me as a result of the seminar experience. 

- Not only was this an inspiring leadership development experience, but it was a meaningful Jewish experience as well.  By praying and studying together my fellow Presidents and Presidents-Elect formed a connection that links us back to the very roots of our spiritual heritage.

President, Bet Shalom
Minnetonka, MN,

- It was a once in a lifetime experience for me, coming from a small 60 family congregation…to share in this wonderful event.  I took away so much information, received some fabulous contacts and am now able to move forward with so much enthusiasm to run my Congregation.  If Enthusiasm is a bug, I definitely caught it in Atlanta. 

President Temple Shalom
Waterloo Ontario

- I had the pleasure of attending the Scheidt Seminar in Atlanta last week.  It is difficult to express the experience of sharing four days with almost 100 other Presidents and Presidents-elect, but the gift… is priceless! Although I have attended numerous Biennials and various kallot over the years, I had no idea what to expect of this experience.  All I can tell you is: I hope I have enough time in my presidency to let my congregants know a fraction of what I have learned from the facilitators who were there to guide us through our weekend.

President, Temple Shalom
Aberdeen, NJ



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