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October 7, 2015 | 24th Tishrei 5776

How to Apply

Congregations interested in learning more about the Communities of Practice that will be launched in January 2013 should sign up for the webinars. Applications for each Community of Practice are available now and will be due on December 5th.


To be accepted into a Community of Practice, a congregation will:

  • Pass a Board resolution in support of the Community of Practice application and participation should the congregation be selected.
  • Use the specially-designed Board of Trustees Discussion Guide for each Community of Practice to ensure that the appropriate lay and professional leaders agree to participate and that the congregation will support their representatives in a Community of Practice.
  • The Board resolution must be passed and submitted to the URJ by January 11 for accepted congregations to participate in a community of practice. 

Application Process

  • Congregations will need to show readiness for this undertaking by:
    • Sharing why the congregation wants to be part of this particular Community of Practice
    • Defining the infrastructure currently in place to support participation and sustainability
    • Explaining any change processes previously undertaken
    • Committing to have participants attend initial and final in-person meetings
    • Demonstrating the stability of both the congregation's lay leaders and staff
    • Submitting a complete, thoughtful application that has been signed by the president and the lead professional(s) for the particular Community of Practice
  • Community of Practice representatives should serve as co-chairs of a task force or committee comprising members who are interested in exploring the subject of the Community of Practice, creating an idea for experimentation, and assisting (in some way) with the implementation of that idea or experiment. Together with the Community of Practice participants, the members of the task force or committee will learn about the topic, enabling them to be full participants in the congregational change process.

  • Congregational representatives must be empowered by their congregation to implement the ideas for change that arise from their participation in the Community of Practice. Each congregation will be expected to implement some congregational innovation based on:
    • Specific Community of Practice subject
    • Congregational culture
    • Congregational needs

  • Congregations must be willing to share both successes and challenges within the Community of Practice, enhancing the learning for the entire community.

  • Congregations that wish to apply to more than one Community of Practice will asked to prioritize their applications as they may only be selected to participate in one.

  • Two or more congregations may choose to work jointly on one project that will be implemented in each synagogue.
For More Information and to Apply

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