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October 8, 2015 | 25th Tishrei 5776

Bimah Announcements about Biennial

Looking for ways to describe the Biennial to your congregation? Here are four sample bimah announcements that might be helpful for use at Shabbat or the upcoming holidays. (For more information about Biennial, visit

Option A

For a people who comprise a mere one-and-a-half percent of the country's population, we Jews sure are good at finding each other and making connections. After all, who among us hasn't played "Jewish geography?"

For a terrific opportunity to try your hand at this traditional Jewish game, make plans to attend the URJ's Biennial Convention in December in San Diego. As the largest Jewish gathering in North America-with nearly 5,000 people in attendance-Biennial is a great way to meet others who share your interest in synagogue life. It's also a terrific opportunity to immerse yourself in the many facets of Reform Judaism and return to [CONGREGATION NAME] armed with new resources and ideas, as well as with the enthusiasm and know-how to put them to use strengthening and enriching our spiritual home. For more information...

Option B

Looking for a new Jewish experience? Consider giving the URJ's Biennial a try. With nearly 5,000 people in attendance, the largest Jewish gathering in North America offers a perfect opportunity to join with others to study, worship, network, sing, dance, share, grow, and celebrate. This year's convention, scheduled for December in San Diego, promises to be the best ever. and it would be wonderful for you-and [CONGREGATION NAME]-to be there to do all those fun things...and to bring back lots of fresh ideas and new resources for us to try right here. For more information...

Option C

My [HUSBAND, WIFE, FRIEND, COWORKERS, ETC.] and I are looking forward to going to San Diego in December for the URJ's Biennial, and we'd love to have you join us! Having been to [INSERT NUMBER] Biennials, I can guarantee five fantastic days filled with meaningful worship, terrific learning sessions, joyous music, great people (nearly 5,000, in fact!), beautiful Judaica for sale, and the opportunity to learn and grow. With each event, Shlo and I return home spiritually refreshed, more Jewishly literate, deeply connected to our Movement (and the great people we always meet), and with creative ideas for us try here at [CONGREGATION NAME]. Our congregational contingent at Biennial has been growing steadily in recent years and I hope you'll consider joining us. For more information...

Option D

As I look out over our sanctuary tonight, I see so many of you who recently have taken on new leadership roles here at [CONGREGATION NAME]. As with any job change, you've got new responsibilities, new "coworkers," and a newfound commitment to contribute to the success and vitality of [CONGREGATION NAME]. How fortunate that the URJ's upcoming Biennial in December in San Diego will be a terrific way for you to get the skills and training you'll need for your new job. In addition to meaningful worship and study, networking and celebrating, as well as inspiring music and thought-provoking speakers, the Biennial offers how-to's and hands-on learning for all facets of congregational life. So, whatever your interests or responsibilities-from membership and outreach to leadership development, from social justice to social media, and everything in between-the Biennial is a wise investment for you and for [CONGREGATION NAME]! For more information...

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