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October 6, 2015 | 23rd Tishrei 5776

Biennial Social Media Toolkit

Use social media to help spread the word about your congregation's presence at Biennial and encourage congregants to attend! Here are some sample tweets, Facebook posts, and blog ideas to get you started. (For more information about Biennial, visit

Facebook Tips

  • Consider changing your synagogue's Facebook banner to a Biennial-themed image to show congregants that you support the URJ and would love for them to join their larger Reform Jewish family in San Diego. We've created two you can use:

o Congregational FB Banner #1
o Congregational FB Banner #2

  • Share the URJ's Biennial-related images or statuses on your congregation's page. We've provided one image to get you started, and you can keep an eye on our Facebook page for others between now and the big event.

  • Not sure what to say? Use any (or all!) of these sample status updates on your congregation's Facebook page to encourage congregants to attend the Biennial.

  • Personalize the experience! If your congregation has sent a delegation to Biennial in the past, ask past attendees for a few words about their experience that you can share on your congregation's Facebook page ("From John Schwartz, who attended the Biennial in 2009, says...") Also consider sharing photos of congregants at the last Biennial; this will help make the event seem more real and more compelling to potential attendees, and it lets them know who they can come to if they have questions about the Biennial experience.

  • Don't forget to connect to the Union for Reform's Facebook page in your status message by using the @ symbol to "tag" us! This will help your congregants connect with the URJ and the larger Reform Jewish community.

Twitter Tips

  • Use our sample tweets to encourage congregants to attend the Biennial - and then try creating a few of your own that are more personal to your congregation.

  • Don't forget to use our Biennial hashtag, #Biennial13, when you're tweeting about the event. This will ensure that your congregation's tweet show up as part of the larger Biennial conversation on Twitter.

  • Include @URJ in your tweets when possible, so your followers know where to find the Reform Movement on Twitter. This will make it easier for them to follow the conversation and learn more about the URJ.

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