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October 8, 2015 | 25th Tishrei 5776
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Outreach and Membership Idea Book Volume IVOutreach and Membership Idea Book Volume IV
We’ve brought together some of the best ideas from creative Reform congregations across North America in one terrific book! All programs featured are winners of the prestigious Belin Award for excellence in programming for Outreach and Membership. Information on each program includes all the practical materials you need to make it a success.  

Previous books in this series:

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Print out and share our comprehensive, list, covering conversion, intermarriage, introduction to Judaism, Jewish parenting and grandparenting, congregational life, LGBT, multiculturalism, disabilities, and children's books on Jewish identity and diversity.

The Life Cycle of Synagogue Membership
Synagogues of every size can benefit from the ideas, programs and tools in this updated edition of The Life Cycle of Synagogue Membership. Focusing on the three key aspects of membership—recruitment, integration and engagement and retention—this user-friendly guide features successful policy and programming ideas from synagogues across North America to help make your congregation a welcoming and vibrant community. Included is a CD-ROM packed with useful resources.

Beyond ShalomBeyond Shalom: Your Synagogue's Office Guide to Connecting with Warmth and Welcome
Those who fill one of the most crucial roles in our congregations—that of greeting and responding to telephone callers with warmth and understanding—too often do so without receiving adequate/any training or instruction. The receptionist, administrative assistant or volunteer who performs this task is essentially the face and voice of the congregation for all who call, whether Jewish or not, members, potential member or visitor. Enhance the hospitality efforts of your congregation by guaranteeing that your staff is able to handle the wide range of Outreach and Membership calls with knowledge and compassion. Complete with outlines for a one-session comprehensive training or a two-day "lunch and learn," text studies, role-playing scenarios and much, much more, Beyond Shalom is a vital resource for all synagogues who wish to create an atmosphere that is truly warm and welcoming.

Defining the Role of the Non Jew in the Synagogue: A Resource for CongregationsDefining the Role of the Non Jew in the Synagogue: A Resource for Congregations
Welcoming non-Jewish partners and inviting them to participate in meaningful and appropriate ways requires careful thought and policy setting. Defining the Role of the Non Jew focuses on the areas of membership, governance and ritual to ensure that the mitzvah of ahavat ger, loving the stranger, is followed in your congregation. This revised and updated edition draws on the experience and expertise of the past 10 years to guide congregations in a deliberative and successful policy-setting process.

Choosing JudaismChoosing Judaism
by Lydia Kukoff
By sharing her own story and the stories of those who have chosen Judaism through conversion, Lydia Kukoff has created a truly remarkable work about what it means to make this significant journey. Readers follow Kukoff as she moves from the Christianity that defined her youth to the Jewish identity she has chosen to embrace in adulthood.  She presents the joys and struggles of her conversion process, honestly admitting to her deepest fears and celebrating each triumph on her journey toward Judaism. Choosing Judaism is an essential resource for everyone considering conversion to Judaism, their partners and families.

If I'm Jewish and You're Christian, What Are the Kids? A Parenting Guide for Interfaith Families
by Andrea King with a Foreword by Alexander Schindler
In this book, early childhood expert Andrea King tracks the development of two composite families through the life-cycle process and compares how well they manage the challenges that arise at each stage.

Inside IntermarriageInside Intermarriage: A Christian Partner's Perspective on Raising a Jewish Family
by Jim Keene
Jim Keene is a Christian father who, along with his Jewish wife, is lovingly raising Jewish children. Using a healthy dose of humor and insights gleaned from his own experience, Keen provides couples with practical advice on how to give children a clear Jewish identity while respecting the traditions of the Christian partner. Each chapter concludes with advice and insight from an array of outstanding Outreach professionals.

Mingled RootsMingled Roots -A Guide for Grandparents of Interfaith Children
by Sunie Levin
A sensitive book is a must for every Jewish grandparent trying to create a meaningful relationship with their interfaith grandchildren. In this practical guidebook, Levin employs honesty, humor, history and real life experience to present an approach that works.


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