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October 3, 2015 | 20th Tishrei 5776

Sample Membership Application 2

We've put together a sample best practice membership application. This application may be downloaded and personalized for your congregation. It may be adjusted to fit your congregation's needs. The sample was designed to reflect a warm, welcoming and diversity-sensitive community.

Download the Sample Membership Application here


The sections in red are intended to be modified to fit your congregations' needs.  However, you may keep the text if applicable.

Top of the Application:

  1. Insert your temple's logo or graphic on top. If your congregation does not have a logo, now is a good time to consider making one and using it on all of your publications. Having a logo or brand on your literature is an essential marketing tool that allows your congregation to be clearly identified and stand out.
  2. Fill in your congregations name and address in the allotted space.  You might also consider putting your congregation's email address here as well. 

Adult Information

You may adjust this section to fit the needs of your congregation.

Children's Information

You may adjust this section to fit the needs of your congregation. The section for the "Hebrew name" is highlighted because here you have the opportunity to think about how you want to present this issue. If your congregation has a ceremony where Hebrew names are given, this is a good opportunity to make applicants aware of this ceremony. You could write "Hebrew Name (if your child does not have a hebrew name, our congregation has a naming ceremony)"  This section is a fantastic opportunity to learn whether there are children in your congregation who do not have a Hebrew name. However, like all information like this, if you ask, make sure that you follow up and use the information to build community! 

Other Information

You may adjust this section to fit the needs of your congregation. 

  1. In the "were you ever a member of insert congregation name here?" section, if you are interested in finding out this information, insert the name of your congregation.
  2. In the "how do you prefer your receiving informaion (e.g. welcoming packet, yahrzeit notifications, etc)?" section the application is giving the prospecitive member an environmentally friendly option. If your synagogue has the resources to give your prospecitive members a choice regarding how they want to receive future information, you may include that here. 
  3. Regarding the synagogue's social directory, you may remove this section if your synagogue does not have a social directory. Feel free to modify this section to fit your congregation's needs. 
  4. Regarding the section that begins with "a representative of the membership committee will contact you for a welcominig call,"  you may include this section if your committee does contact new members through phone calls.  If your membership committee does not do this, now is a great time to start. The suggested questions are a great guide and will enable the new member to feel comfortable in their new community. 

Statement of Philosophy:
Consider using this space for a Mission Statement, Vision Statement or Core Values statement or a Covenant of Membership.  For examples, please see the Best Practice Guide section of the website.  Including this information on a membership application is an excellent way to build community and establish a commitment to lifelong synagogue membership!  

*The last line of this application that offers assistance, is a wonderful way of showing that your congregation is accessible to people with disabilities and that your community is aware and accomodating to members with special needs.


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