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October 8, 2015 | 25th Tishrei 5776

NCEJ Advertising Grants for Congregations

The National Center to Encourage Judaism is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit private foundation which encourages conversion to and retention in Judaism. It supports the efforts of synagogues and other Jewish institutions to reach out to Jews and non-Jews, to welcome interest in and learning about Judaism. Use this form to apply for a grant to advertise for Intro to Judaism, Taste of Judaism, and other courses open to non-Jews to learn about Judaism.

appna12-2.pdf (13.51 kb)


Cantor Kim Harris

April 18, 2012
01:41 PM

NCEJ Advertising Grants

I am interested in exploring this grant possibility further, but when I click on the link, a scan of a newspaper clipping for applying for 2009-2010 comes up... Is there an updated, original copy of the application that one may download? Thank you!!


Peltzman, Jill

April 18, 2012
05:23 PM

RE: NCEJ Advertising Grants

Thanks for your inquiry... this has been updated. More info can be found on their site: 



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