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October 9, 2015 | 26th Tishrei 5776
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Re-Envisioning Membership in Your Congregation

Looking to the Future

As Reform Jews, we are committed to actively welcoming all and building vibrant, inclusive synagogue communities. 

The mission of Membership and Outreach is to embrace the mitzvot of ahavat ger, loving the stranger and keruv, drawing near those who are far. 

While we reach out we must also reach in to those who are members of our congregations by ensuring that our Membership Committees focus on helping members establish a lifelong connection to our congregations.

Reaching Out, Reaching In: Re-Envisioning Your Membership Committee will assist your membership chair and membership committee in understanding their full role in the membership process and the importance and significance of their sacred work.

Hosting a Board Membership Workshop at your synagogue and having an expert facilitator work directly with your board will ensure that you are on the right track!

Stay Connected with others working with Membership and Outreach issues in their own congregations.  Share ideas on how to re-envision membership in your congregations.  Make sure that your Membership and Outreach chairs receive the Department's monthly Membership and Outreach newsletters featuring helpful resources and programs.



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