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October 8, 2015 | 25th Tishrei 5776
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Inviting Conversion

In Reform congregations, there is no doubt that those who convert bring a special passion and dedication to their family’s Judaism and to our community. Clearly the Jewish community benefits greatly from the gifts that Jews by Choice bring us.

Often, all it takes for someone to begin the conversion process is an invitation, be it verbal or non verbal. Many Jews by Choice report that they would have converted sooner if someone had only asked.

Help congregation to create a culture that invites and encourages conversion and supports those who are going through the process of conversion.

Read about Rabbi Yoffie's Biennial Initiative to invite conversion and support those in the process of conversion in our congregations.

Interested in supporting people in your community on the path to conversion? Use our Outreach resources to implement these easy but important steps:

  1. Share information. Help prospective converts to gain Jewish understanding.

  2. Outreach and Membership Program Bank



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