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October 9, 2015 | 26th Tishrei 5776
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Inviting Conversion - A Biennial Initiative

A 68th Biennial Initiative is a mitzvah to help a potential Jew become a Jew-by-choice. ...the synagogue is not a neutral institution; it is committed to building a vibrant religious life for the Jewish people. ...we want families to function as Jewish families, and while intermarried families can surely do this, we recognize the advantages of an intermarried family becoming a fully Jewish family, with two adult Jewish partners. Judaism does not denigrate those who find religious truth elsewhere; still, our synagogues emphasize the grandeur of Judaism and we joyfully extend membership in our covenantal community to all who are prepared to accept it.
-- Rabbi Eric Yoffie, November 19, 2005

Asking someone you care about to consider conversion is simply an invitation. It is not coercion or pressure. It is an expression of valuing the individual and a desire to share a tradition that you consider precious. Inviting conversion is a loving proposal that is offered when a relationship has been established either between two individuals or between an individual and the Jewish community. Conversion involves a solemn covenant where one party makes a commitment to Judaism and the other party (individual or community) makes a commitment of acceptance and support.

The resources listed below will help individuals and our congregations extend an invitation to conversion and to encourage and support and honor those who choose to become Jews and who bring the precious gift of themselves to our communities.


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