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January 25, 2015 | 5th Sh'vat 5775
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Conference of Presidents FAQs

1. Q: How do I find out the name and contact information of the member of the URJ Congregational Network team who is specifically assigned to work with my congregation? (This person is called the URJ Congregational Network Primary contact.)

2. Q: How do I initiate a clergy search and how do I find out the details of such a process, which may or may not include transition planning, along with the available resources?

3. Q: Where can I go with questions about the details of clergy contracts?

4. Q: How do we initiate a conversation to have a URJ facilitated board workshop?

5. Q: With whom can I speak if I have questions about support for the Reform Movement or want to get more information about MUM?

6. Q: What is the Knowledge Network and how can I connect with them?

7. Q: How can I quickly access resources about key topics on the URJ website?

8. Q: Are there marketing and communications resources available through the URJ?

9. Q: How do I update the URJ president database with changes of my contact information and e-mail address and how do I give the URJ the name and contact information of my congregation’s next president?

10. Q: What additional learning opportunities specifically for Presidents are available through the URJ?

11. Q: What is PRESCONF and how do I enroll?

12. Q: What is the URJ Conference of Presidents?

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