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September 2, 2015 | 18th Elul 5775
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Subsidized Coaching and Consulting Opportunities

As you know, the URJ Social Media Boot Camp includes training, knowledge sharing, and coaching and consulting. However, employing social media tools effectively to achieve stated goals is easier said than done, and it can be useful to have some specialized support along the way. Thus, as part of the URJ Social Media Boot Camp, there will be opportunities for 10 congregations take their work to the next level with major discounts for 8 hours of consulting to help you design, implement and refine a social media project.

These sorts of engagements may be related to any aspect of becoming a networked congregation, for example it may focus on hiring a new community manager, developing a social media policy, implementing better listening structures in your congregation, or enriching your blog to become a community platform.

Applications are open to all URJ Congregations in good standing. Each congregation is only eligible to receive one slot, but congregations are welcome to submit up to 3 applications if different areas of the synagogue have their own ideas (e.g. the Early Childhood Center has one project, and the Mitzvah Corps has another).

We are seeking congregations which have interesting, forward thinking ideas, are capable of bringing those projects to life in a high quality way, and are willing to take risks. Highly qualified candidates will demonstrate new thinking, alignment with a digital culture, and an understanding of how their online efforts impact their face to face local community. We are looking for applicants that are innovative and risk taking in their structure, thinking, project and/or use of technology.

Grants will be awarded in two cycles:

First Cycle:
February 7, 2012 Applications open
February 28, 2012 Applications due
March 9, 2012 Recipients announced
March 12 – June 29, 2012 Coaching and Consulting Sessions

Second Cycle:
May 21, 2012 Applications open
June 15, 2012 Applications due [extended]
June 22, 2012 Recipients announced
June 25 – Sept. 14, 2012 Coaching and Consulting Sessions
What's Included
The URJ Social Media Boot Camp Coaching and Consulting will include 8 hours of consulting with Darim Online coaches. Those selected will be matched, based on your project and needs, with a consultant who will then schedule meetings with your team during the term of the grant. Meetings will be held by phone or webinar during business hours. Coaches will provide advice, resources, facilitation and homework to help you develop and mature your work.
What's Expected
All grantees will be expected to participate fully, and to share their work and learning with the community. Each team will be responsible for sharing their work via a Sharefest! webinar (presenting a case study for approximately 20 minutes) and/or writing blog posts to be published on the URJ and/or Darim Online blogs. Your coach will help you prepare what you share and how you present it.

Thanks to a significant URJ subsidy, each congregation will contribute only $500 for these services.

The application questions are listed here to enable you to prepare your answers in advance. We recommend that you prepare your responses to the longer questions in advance, then cut and paste them into the application. All pages of the application must be filled out to be considered complete.
  1. Congregational info: Name, address, phone, and number of member units
  2. Team members: Names, email, phones, and roles of key team members
  3. Online assets: Please share relevant places, if any, that we can find your team members and/or your organization online, including Facebook, blogs, wikis, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Post the links and, if appropriate, any contextual descriptions about these resources.
  4. Tell us about how you and your leadership (staff and lay) are thinking about your synagogue in the digital age. What shifts are necessary for you to achieve this vision for success in the 21st century? What makes you / your organization particularly suited to engage in innovation and risk taking? Tell us in about 300-500 words.
  5. Thinking about your vision for success in the 21st century, what are you doing really well that positions you for success (e.g., strategy, culture, program, leadership, etc.)? Please describe at least one example of how you have achieved this, and any lessons learned (this does not need to be technology related). Tell us in about 200-250 words.
  6. As you think about your vision for success in the 21st century, what do you need to do differently or better? Why is this area a challenge for you (this does not need to be technology related)? Tell us in up to 200-250 words.
  7. A main component of this program is working on a specific project with the support of Darim coaches. Please tell us about a problem you want to solve, or a goal you want to achieve through this experience. Tell us in up to 200-250 words.
  8. Why are you choosing to focus on this area, what do you hope to achieve, and what are the potential challenges? How do you expect this project will impact your work, your constituents, and your organization? (We understand that these plans may evolve as your idea develops throughout the experience). Tell us in about 300-500 words.
  9. What else would you like to share with us related to your participation in this program? Anecdotes, aspirations, something compelling about your organization and innovation... Tell us in up to 200-250 words.

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