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September 5, 2015 | 21st Elul 5775

Education-Focused - Congregational School

1Temple Isaiah
Lafayette, CA

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The 3rd grade class in Temple Isaiah religious school made a movie about the story of creation that can be seen here.

Using the white board, dry erase markers and a digital camera, we created a stop motion movie featuring the Creation story which we had studied in class. Over a couple of weeks, we took pictures that were drawn on the board ( a few hundred pictures), edited them and turned into a movie. All the drawings, the ideas about what and how to draw each scene and even some of the photography was done by the students.  At the culmination of this project, we watched the movie in class and posted it on the Temple website to share with parents, other classes and other members of the congregation.

What are your goals in using this technology?

The basic idea was to try and give a visual meaning to the story. The stop motion movie requires paying attention to details and planing ahead.  This means that  the students must thoroughly understand and know the story before they were able to film. It also demanded a group effort from the class and a lot of cooperation.  They also were challenged to work on their patience as the process unfolded.

What kind of successes have you achieved in using this technology so far?

I believe the students met the story of Creation from a different angle - they had to be active; to think, to research, both as a group and as individuals. The ability to present the movie to the parents and the congregational community was definitely a meaningful reward for the hard work.

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