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August 30, 2015 | 15th Elul 5775

Education-Focused - Adult Education

1Temple Solel
Cardiff, CA
4 Cuba Blog
4 Jewish Ethics Blog
4 Intro to Judaism Blog

The first blog is for a six-part adult education course on Jewish ethics. 
The second blog was an experimental exploration for the use of a blog in Temple Solel's Introduction to Judaism class.  The third blog chronicled Temple Solel's 2010 mission to Cuba, which jointly fell under the auspices of our Adult Education and Social Action program.

What are your goals in using this technology?

First and foremost, these three blogs provide central gathering places for the participants of these three experiences to learn, post comments (although in reality my followers have not grown comfortable with this yet for whatever reason), and ultimately serve as an archive for future uses.  This is especially been effective with the Ethics blog because we were able to house our audio recordings there: for both registered participants, and other interested parties.

What kind of successes have you achieved in using this technology so far?

People love the idea of the blogs.  They love that they can go to a single website that becomes a one stop shop for the program/class that they are interested in.  I know that the lack of comments posted might indicate that the blogs are going unvisited.  But we know from hit logs, and from lots of anecdotal evidence, that people are making use of these resources, and are letting us know how much they appreciate them.  Blogging helps us take our Adult Ed to the next level: by providing more resources for further learning, by establishing a framework for online connections/community if participants want to make use of them, and by opening up our Adult Ed programming to scores of people who are not (for whatever reason) able to join us in person for whatever is going on at the temple.

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