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September 1, 2015 | 17th Elul 5775

Education-Focused - Special Needs Education

Temple Beth Miriam
Elberon, NJ

Our school has a mini computer lab consisting of three computers.  We use these computers to motivate and encourage students who learn differently.  While the software available is limited,  the students really  enjoy using the computers and this makes working with them easier since they don't object to being pulled out for extra attention. 

What are your goals in using technology?

Our goals are to simplify our procedures to make the "housekeeping" part of the educational process as easy to do for the parents and ourselves as possible.  This also allows us to be able to respect our surrounding by conserving our resources, saving us time and money as well.   In addition, we strive to be on the cutting edge of every aspect of running a congregation, and technology, it goes without saying, is a huge part of that.   

What kind of successes have you achieved in using this technology so far?

So far all the efforts we have made have streamlined all the school processes successfully.  Parents have adjusted nicely and teachers who may have been afraid of technology have adapted nicely and have contributed to the program.


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