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October 13, 2015 | 30th Tishrei 5776

Streaming Video 101

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(See also: the Union's wiki page on Video Streaming and article on USTREAM)

What to Stream?

  • Services
  • High holidays
  • Concerts
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Computer- Macs and PCs both work
  • Internet connection- wireless connection is ideal
  • Camera- this is up to your congregation, one congregation that currently streams video uses a 42x zoom Panasonic, while another uses the Canon HV-20
  • Microphone- some congregations with a smaller sanctuaries have used a snowball microphone, while others have hooked their sanctuaries' audio system directly to the computer.
  • USTREAM can run on Windows or OSX
Should the Camera be Manned or Unmanned?
  • Manned- zooming and moving shots makes the video much more interesting, but this requires someone to be with the camera for the duration of the service
  • Unmanned- does not require anyone to be with the camera, but no movement makes for a less interesting video
Where to Place the Camera?
  • Front of the sanctuary
  • Back of the sanctuary
  • Hanging from ceiling

Post your comments below and let us know if your congregation streams video, and what your experience has been.

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