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October 8, 2015 | 25th Tishrei 5776

Creating Photo Slideshows with

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Congregations that
use allows you to create high quality photo slideshows with a vast selection of transitions and effects.  After you've created a slideshow on, it can be embedded directly into your website.  Below are instructions on how to get started:


On the top of the screen, next to the slide logo, go to "Create," and then select "Create a Slideshow."

There's a lot to look at on the "Create Slide Show" page.  The upper left-hand corner is the slideshow itself.


Below this is the "Add Images From" section, used to upload photos.  You're given the choice of uploading from your computer, or from a list of other websites, including Facebook and Flickr.  With the Facebook option, you can actually import entire photo albums into your slideshow with one click.  After you upload pictures, you'll have the option to add captions.


On the bottom right is the "Customize Your Design" section.  There are several ways to customize your slideshow.  The given options allow you to change the following: Styles, Skins, Themes, Music/Video, Background, Effects, Size, and Privacy. 


Styles allow you to change the transition between photos.  Some good ones are "Blinds," "Old Film," "Fading," "Gallery," and "Yearbook" (The latter three are under "View more").

Skins are background images/designs for your slideshow, which put a frame around the pictures.  If you decide to use a skin, and there aren't any you like, you can create a skin with one of your own images.

Themes overlay flash animation onto your slideshow.

Music/Video will add music, and in some cases music video, to your slideshow.  There are several hundred songs to pick from.

Background allows you to set the background color.

Effects!! allows you to alter the look of photos, doing things like create a ripple effect or beveling and embossing the photos.

Size lets you set the slideshow's size.  For RJ Web Builder websites, "Medium" works well.

Privacy!! should be kept on "Public."

After you've added the desired photos and customizations, click on the green button that says "Save (Get Code)."


You should now be on the "Save Slide Show" page.  There is no real need to enter the title, location, and director details.  Just be sure to select the option "None" under the slideshow.  Once you've done this, go to "Save Slideshow."


Now scroll down, and copy all of the code from the aptly titled area "Copy this code."


For RJ Web Builder websites, paste this code into the HTML editor of a content program (or into an HTML program for xStandard users).  That's it!  Now the slideshow should appear on your site.

If you have any trouble with creating or adding a slideshow, feel free to contact us at

(Update: to remove the album name and "make slideshow" from underneath your slideshow, in the HTML code, delete everything after )

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