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October 6, 2015 | 23rd Tishrei 5776

Resizing Photos with

(Please note that the Union does not endorse or any other third party service. This article is for informational purposes only.)

PDF Download PDF is a dynamic image editing tool that allows you to resize photographs and other images for the web.  Here's how to get started:


Go to, and on the homepage, go to "Get started now!"


On the left side of the page, go to "Upload a photo."  If you're just resizing images, there is no need to create an account.


Find the photo on your computer, and go to "Open."


The image you selected should appear on a new page.  Now under the Edit tab, select


If you're using RJ Web Builder, and are adding a still image or banner ad to one of the page columns, the image width needed depends on your site template.  As a general rule, sites with a horizontal menu template should use 400px wide images, and sites with vertical menu templates should use 315px wide images.

In Picnik, where it says "New dimensions," the first box from the left is width and the second is height.  Before you make any changes, make sure that "Keep Proportions" is checked.  Change the image width based on which template you use, and then go to "OK."  After changing the width, the height will change automatically.


Now go to the Save & Share tab.


All settings on the Save & Share page should be left at is.  On the bottom left-hand corner of the page, go to "Save Photo," pick the location on the computer you want it saved to, and then go to "Save."


Your resized photo is now saved, and ready to add to your website. 

For the RJ Web banner ad, repeat this process for however many images you would like to add.  It's important to make sure that all images are the same size, which means that both the width and height need to be the same.  To match sizes, subsequent photos may need to be cropped, which can also be done with Picnik. 

If you have any further questions about Picnik or resizing photos in general, feel free to contact us at

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