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October 10, 2015 | 27th Tishrei 5776

Adding a Flickr Slideshow to Your Website

(Please note that the Union does not endorse or any other third party service. This article is for informational purposes only.)

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Flickr allows users to upload and share photos.  Accounts for Flickr can be set up for individuals, but they can also be created for organizations.  With Flickr, you can add photos to a personalized Flickr page, which can then be added to your congregation’s website.  Unlike some other photo slideshow sites, Flickr’s photo slideshow also includes thumbnail images. 


This article will discuss setting up a Group Flickr account and how to embed Flickr slideshows into your congregational website.  Here’s how to get started:


  1. Go to the Flickr homepage, and in the upper right-hand corner, select “Create Your Account.”

  2. In order to use Flickr, you’ll need to set up a Yahoo account.  Even if you personally have one, it’s advisable to set one up for the congregation, so that it can be passed on to future webmasters.


  3. After you’ve created the Yahoo account, you’ll need to log in.


  4. You’ll then be asked to create a Flickr screen name.  Again, the name should be something that’s for the entire congregation, not you personally.


  5. Once you’ve logged in, on the top navigation menu, go to “Groups” and then “Create a New Group.”


  6. Indicate that you want the group to be “Public.”


  7. Give the group a name.  This can be something like “Temple Aleph Bet Photos” or “Sisterhood Photos.”


  8. Under “Group safety level,” indicate that the group is safe for everyone, and then select “Next.”


  9. Make sure you have “Group photo pool” checked off, and then select “Next.”  In this article, we will not be covering “Group discussion,” but if this is something you’d like to have on your Flickr page, feel free to add it.


  10. Now go back to your Flickr homepage, and on the top navigation bar, select “Upload.”


  11. Go to Step 1: “Choose photos and videos.”


  12. A popup window should then appear, allowing you to find the images on your computer that you want to add.  You can select multiple images by holding down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and then clicking on the image name.


  13. On your screen you should see something similar to the screenshot below, listing each of the images that you selected.  Make sure that privacy is set to “Public,” and then select “Upload Photos and Videos.”


  14. Once the upload is completed, you should see the message below.  If you’d like to have a description accompany any of your images, feel free to add it.


  15. Now on the top navigation menu, under “Groups,” go to “Your Groups.”


  16. Select the name of the group that you created earlier.


  17. Next to “Group Pool,” go to “Add Something.”


  18. You should now see a prompt asking you to select items to add to the Group Pool.  The photos you previously uploaded should appear.  Once you select a photo, it will show up under “Your Selections.”  You can select up to six images at a time.  These are the photos that will ultimately appear in the slideshow on your website. 

    After you’ve selected all the photos you want to add, or have filled the six image limit, select “Add to Group.”


  19. Under the heading “Group Pool,” you should see all of the items you just added.  Now go to the “Group Pool” link, circled in the image below.


  20. In the upper right-hand corner, you should see icons for “Slideshow” and “Share This.”  Select the “Slideshow” icon.


  21. In the upper right-hand corner, go to “Share,” and then copy the code under “Grab the embed HTML,” which starts with “object width.”  The default embeddable slideshow size is 400px by 300px, but you can make it larger by going to “Customize this HTML.”


  22. Paste the HTML code into your site, and you’re done!  The Flickr slideshow should now appear on your website.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at  We also invite you to leave comments about your experience with using Flickr below.

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