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October 13, 2015 | 30th Tishrei 5776

Gates of Tweet: An Introduction to Twitter

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What is Twitter?

 • A website that allows users to distribute short messages to other Twitter users
 • A community that encourages like-minded people to connect with one another

How Does It Work?

 • Users follow other users they are interested in (people, companies, organizations etc.)
 • When someone follows you, you don't have to follow them back
 • When you visit Twitter.comyou see the updates of everyone you follow

Why Should A Congregation Use Twitter?  

 • Reach more individuals
 • Cost efficient
 • Millions of people are on Twitter...go where your audience is
 • Acquire new members
 • Builds a network of like-minded individuals
 • Creates a community of shared ideas and creativity


• (n.) A Twitter post
 • (v.) The act of posting on Twitter
 • Maximum of 140 characters

 • Someone who posts on Twitter

 • When one tweeter repeats something posted by another tweeter
 • Other users may read the post and retweetit again
 • This helps word travel far and fast
Direct Message

 • When two tweeters follow each other, they can exchange private messages
 • Messages are delivered by email and available to view on
 • Also known as "27 messages"

 • A keyword or several keywords preceded by the "#"sign, such as #reformjudaism
 • A way to tag a tweet with a keyword or subject
 • This allows people to search Twitter for specific events or topics

 • A Twitter update that begins with an @username
 • Posts will appear in the person's replies tab
 • @replies are public, but directed at an individual

 • A tweet that contains @username in the body of the tweet
 • A way to reference another tweeter in a tweet
 • Allows users to find tweets that mention their username anywhere in the tweet

 • To receive updates by a Twitter user, follow that user
 • Once you follow someone, their updates will appear on your Twitter home page along with the tweets of everyone else you follow

Following / Followers
 • Following – A list of everyone you follow
 • Followers – A list of everyone who follows you
 • Allows users to organize other users into groups
 • Can be people you follow or do not follow


Create An Account


Start Tweeting


Add a Picture or Logo


Edit Your Profile


Change Your Design


Best Practices
 • Tweet on a regular basis
 • Answer questions from folowers in a timely manner
 • Well written, grammatically correct tweets
 • Tweets that consistently speak to your congregation’s mission
 • Tweets that establish a consistent voice for your congregation
 • Tweets that lead followers to more information on websites and blogs
 • Shorten your links

Signs of Success

 • A growing number of followers
 • Tweets are often retweeted
 • Congregation is included on Twitter lists
 • Growing community and conversation through Twitter
Congregational Tweet Examples

 • Congregational news, weekly torah portions, event promotion, blog posts
 • “Happy Chanukah. How are you celebrating the first night? Enjoy this Chanukah Video
 • “First Light One Light:
 • “New Blog Post: Take the "Am I Prepared for Chanukah?" Quiz

How Much Time Does it Take?

 • Does not have to require a lot of time
 • Takes up more time if it is used to post original content and not just links to existing content
 • More time is needed if you tweet multiple times per day

How to Promote Your Twitter Feed

 • Generate content that attracts followers
 • Email feed to congregants
 • Announce feed in your newsletter
 • Announce at services
 • Word-of-mouth
 • Hang up a sign in your lobby
 • Use the hashtag(#) to tag relevant keywords
 • Follow other Twitterersthat post about Reform Judaism or those connected to your congregation
 • Reply to Tweets using @ symbol
 • Add your feed to the URJ Twitter list
 • Interact with new and existing followers

If you have any further questions, pleast contact us at or at (212) 650-4222.

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