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October 4, 2015 | 21st Tishrei 5776
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Web Design 101

There are two basic components to website design: the visual look and feel of your site and the way that the pages are structured. The very first step of your process in creating your site should be to determine the structure: the way the pages of your sites will be organized and where the content will be displayed within them. Website structure is also referred to as architecture, and the process is similar to building a house: you wouldn't want to choose what colors you will paint your rooms, or how the furniture will be arranged, before you decide the size, shape and location of those rooms.

Plan a site structure
To begin determining your structure, make a list of all of the content that you want your site to have, then begin to organize it into categories. To determine the categories, it is best to imagine yourself as one of two basic types of site visitors: a member of your congregation, or a prospective member. Think about visitors' experiences, what it is that they will want to look for, and how they will want to look for it.

Determine your site's "look and feel"
Surf the Internet for inspiration on what you want your site's look to be. Look at other temple websites, but don't limit yourself: any website can give you ideas about the pages' layouts, color palette, font choices, the use of photos and graphics, and overall tone.

Finding & Formatting Images
  • Fix Picture (beta)
    Free, fast and easy online image editing tool.
  • Logos and Images from the Union
    Member congregations may use these Reform Movement logos and images as appropriate.
  • Optimizing Photos
    Improve loading times of your graphics and photos by reducing their size and resolution!
    A great royalty-free stock photography resource, with plenty of Jewish-themed images, that won't break your budget: many pictures cost as little as $1 for a low-res version.
More Useful Design Resources

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