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August 30, 2015 | 15th Elul 5775
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Camp Ambassador Materials

Serving your URJ Camp as a congregational "Ambassador"

Welcome!  Thank you for volunteering to help introduce other parents within your temple and community to the joys and benefits of URJ camping. Your own personal experiences have probably fueled your enthusiasm for undertaking this assignment, as well as your passion for wanting to spread the good word about all the exciting and vital positives that URJ summer camps have to offer.

This site offers a number of useful hints, practical tools, and sample materials that are designed to make your "ambassadorship" role easier and more productive -- and to optimize the success of your working partnership with your rabbi, your temple leadership, and your camp director.

Eisner Camp 2009

"With study after study confirming how vital Jewish camping is in building proud Jewish identities for our children, the most important task for URJ Camp Ambassadors is to focus prospective parents on the key question we pose in our ads: 'Who do you want your child to be?'"
-- Paul J. Reichenbach, Director of Camping & Israel Programs

Camp Newman

"Camps create a sustainable and transmissible Jewish identity in ways that few other programs can match.  I myself am a product of Union camps, and I have watched with pride and satisfaction the impact that [URJ] Camp Harlam has had on my son."
-- Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President of the Union for Reform Judaism

Questions frequently asked by -- and of -- ambassadors
What are some common objections that prospective parents raise -- and what is the best way to respond to them?... Should the Judaic content be mentioned or minimized?...  What "evidence" is there to back up the claims about the "life-changing power" of camp?... You've got questions, we've got answers!  More

Ask a Veteran Ambassador
Diplomatic hotline
Need some inspiration? Searching for some practical, hands-on advice? Looking for an objective, third-party opinion?...  If you cannot find satisfactory answers on this site -- or by asking your rabbi or camp director -- then feel free to submit your query, and a veteran ambassador "on call" will respond.  More

Tempting Templates
Sample scripts, signage & more
Why re-invent the wheel? Here are some useful letters, phone scripts, newletter articles, etc. -- even full-blown presentations -- that you can modify and customize as you see fit. More
For a listing of all URJ Camps More

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