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October 6, 2015 | 23rd Tishrei 5776
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We welcome members and non-members alike to reach out and connect with the Union: ask a question, seek further information, give us your opinion. Here is a reference to the many avenues we provide for you to reach us. 

But don’t just stop there: we encourage you to reach out and connect with others in the Reform community. Engage, discuss, debate, and share viewpoints with Reform Jews across North American and the world; find connections with others who have similar interests, serve in similar roles in their congregations, or who are on a parallel path in their exploration of Judaism.

Connect with the Union

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Connect with Others blog – News and Views of Reform Jews is the place to get the News and Views of Reform Jews from around North America and the world. Filled with facts and opinions, action items, regular posts from Movement leaders and interesting tidbits from the greater Jewish world, this site is the platform where Reform Jews come together to chat, opine, kibbitz and learn in an online community. Join in the discussion, or submit your own blog posts to our editors.

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