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March 6, 2015 | 15th Adar 5775

August 6, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010
Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton during their wedding ceremony, July 31, 2010. (Genevieve de Manio)

Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding raises questions about intermarriage

By Jacob Berkman

The images and scant details of the Chelsea Clinton-Marc Mezvinsky wedding raise a number of questions about the significance of the union for American Jews and what it says about intermarriage in America. Read more »


This Week's Top News from JTA

A White House official briefed Reform rabbis on the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Jewish groups on opposite sides of the same-sex marriage debate reacted as expected to a federal court's decision to repeal California's Proposition 8, which defines marriage as only between a man and woman.

Police arrested a man associated with hate groups throughout the United States and charged him with vandalizing a Maryland synagogue.

A Jewish father of three was among the victims of a shooting rampage at a Connecticut beer warehouse.

The FBI is investigating an envelope mailed to the Israeli Embassy in Washington containing a suspicious white powder.

Women of the Wall has launched a global campaign to support their right to pray with Torah scrolls at the Western Wall.

A U.S. congressional delegation in Israel met with Israeli leaders to discuss Iran, Lebanon and Gilad Shalit.

Elsewhere in the Media

Interfaith organization supports HIV-infected orphans in Haiti

During his recent trip to Haiti, it was easy for Rabbi Allan Tuffs of Hollywood's Temple Beth El to feel sadness at the amount of human suffering caused by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that shook the country in January. But after seeing the smiling faces of the 30 children he helps support, the feeling transformed to inspiration from their unyielding faith and hope. Read more »

Jewish Women Fight For Equality At Jerusalem Western Wall

Israeli law prohibits women from reading the Torah at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, one of Judaism's most sacred spots. Anat Hoffman wants to change that. She's the chairwoman of Women of the Wall and a leading figure in the Reform Movement in Israel. Earlier this month she was arrested for carrying the Torah at the wall. Hoffman tells guest host Rebecca Roberts about the incident and why she is so steadfastly working to upend the gender-based restrictions. Read more »

Government benefits never die

The Shas party's newspaper Yom Leyom recently featured a front-page story that the party's "next battle" was an "NIS 800 monthly mortgage reimbursement for every young couple." That would be a nice gift for the young pair, amounting to NIS 9,600 annually for 20 years. And it prompts a question about the generosity washing over the Housing and Construction Ministry, headed by Ariel Atias of Shas. Read more »

Around the Globe

Israel's cooperation on U.N. inquiry signals tactical shift

Israel's decision to cooperate with a U.N. probe into the Turkish flotilla incident signals a tactical shift on dealing with U.N. investigations of its actions and comes after two months of the Jewish state resisting calls for an international inquiry. Read more »

Is one-state solution an answer to Greater Israel dreams?

In one of the more curious twists in Israeli politics, prominent figures on Israel's right wing have begun pushing for a one-state solution with Israelis and Palestinians as equal citizens with full voting rights. Read more »

In Poland, Shabbatons for non-Jews to combat anti-Semitism

Holding Shabbatons for non-Jewish Poles is one of the ways Jewish life is being presented in Polish cities and towns with no Jews but plenty of negative ideas about the Jewish people. Read more »

Union News

Press Release: Reform Jewish Movement Welcomes Approval of Cordoba House Mosque and Community Center

"We welcome the planned construction of the Cordoba House mosque and community center in Lower Manhattan. Although we fully recognize the strong sentiments that have characterized the debate over the center, we strongly believe that Cordoba House's presence will reflect our nation's historic commitment to religious liberty." Read full release »


Same-sex Marriage and Reform Judaism

This week's Court decision on Prop 8 (California's gay marriage ban) was a vital step toward true marriage equality. Visit the RAC's LGBT resource page for more information about the fight for equal and civil rights, and ways you can get involved. Read more »

Prepare for the High Holy Days with URJ Webinar Series

Join musician Craig Taubman, creator of Jewels of Elul, for an hour of interactive study and exploration. Led by Union Specialists Cantor Alane Katzew and Rabbi Sue Levi Elwell, Welcoming Elul: Spiritual Preparations for the Days of Awe (taking place on August 11, 2010 at 3pm) is the first in a four-part series of Union webinars to help you prepare for and celebrate the High Holy Days. Read more »
Sign up for Jewels of Elul »

URJ Books and Music: A Faithful Heart: Preparing for the High Holidays

A Faithful Heart takes the reader on a spiritual journey into the fascinating text Maaseh Avraham Avinu, a compilation of the midrashic sources about Abraham, the first acknowledged Jew. Providing his own translation and commentary, Rabbi Levy has assembled an excellent midrashic study of Abraham's character that will offer the opportunity to examine the themes related to the High Holy Days, such as teshuvah, belief in God, the efficacy of prayer, and making ethical choices. Read more »

Kutz Camp 45th Reunion

NFTY's Kutz Camp celebrates 45 years of music and magic on August 13-14, and you're invited to join. A remarkable array of alumni from each generation will be on hand to re-create the soundtrack of our collective experiences. Keep the music alive with Dan Nichols, Josh Nelson, Peri Smilow, Kol B'seder, Doug Mishkin, Beth Schafer and more! Read more »

Jewish teens come together across North America this fall

NFTY regional programs bring youth groups from across the region together for Jewish enrichment and hands-on experiential programming. Registration is open now for fall events happening across North America! Read more »

From the Blog

Rabbi Eric Yoffie: Being Fair to Fundamentalists

At times like this -- in fact, especially at times like this -- I find myself searching for common threads that bind me to those who are known as ultra-Orthodox or Haredi ("God fearing") Jews. I find myself asking: What do I admire in those whose Jewish practice and belief are, in so many ways, radically different from my own? Read more »

Larry Kaufman: Parasha Re-Eh: Food for Thought

A Midrash tells us that when God first says, Thou shalt not seethe the kid in its mother's milk, Moses turns to him and asks, "You mean no meat and dairy on the table at the same time?" God replies, Thou shalt not seethe the kid in its mother's milk. Moses thinks for a minute, then inquires, "You mean we need two sets of dishes?" God thunders, Thou shalt not seethe the kid in its mother's milk. Now Moses tries again, "You mean we have to wait six hours after eating meat until we can have dairy?" And God sighs, "All right, do it your way." Read more »

Outreach & Education Specialists: New-ish to Jewish Education? Inclusion of All Parents in Jewish Education

While parents may make a commitment to raise a child only in Judaism, there may still be an influence of other religious traditions even when it is not the plan to raise them in that tradition. So what can we do to help make interfaith parents and their children more comfortable? Read more »

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