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July 22, 2014 | 24th Tamuz 5774
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The Journal of Youth Engagement is a forum of ideas and dialogue on Inspired Engagement. Join the conversation by submitting your article on the strategies and methodologies you are experimenting with to engage youth in your community.

Engaging our Youth
Why We Made Our Junior Youth Group Event Less "Like NFTY"
by Jen Whitman

One of the goals of junior youth group events is to encourage high school youth group involvement. But when Jen's 7th and 8th grade students spent most of the JYG shul-in feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed, she realized that something had to change.  Read more>



Kashkesh: A Hebrew Immersion Program for Young Children
by Timna Burston and Felice Miller Baritz

Picture this: third grade students enter a classroom which has been transformed into a Bedouin tent. They practice the mitzvah of welcoming others by handing out tea and acting out short conversations in Hebrew. They make their own tiny greenhouses and plant sprouts to learn about Negev culture. This is Kashkesh, an immersive Hebrew language program Read more>



Even Better Together
by Beth Lipschutz and Julie Marsh

As NFTY Regional Staff, some of the most successful programs that we have seen in our regions have developed from a partnership between synagogue professionals and teens in the same communities. Teens in our congregations enjoy seeing their friends outside of regional events and outside of their own congregations. Teens today are looking for the "congregation-to-congregation" interaction. 
Read more >



Starting the Journey: Guiding Principles for Building a More Inclusive Community
by Lisa Friedman

Inclusion is not social action. We do not “do” inclusion “for” people with disabilities. Rather, it is incumbent upon us to figure out how all the things we do can be inclusive. Inclusion can seem overwhelming for a community that has not previously offered inclusive programming. Often the hardest part is getting started Read more>



Youth Engagement Around the Web
Our shared mission is to engage more teens in Jewish life. The first step is finding ways for our leaders to work together to reach beyond our current populations. What lessons can we all learn from the teen leaders of NFTY and BBYO to reach beyond our walls in our own communities to impact the lives of ever more young people? 

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