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September 5, 2015 | 21st Elul 5775

It Happened After Two Full Years

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The Journal of Youth Engagement is a forum of ideas and dialogue on Inspired Engagement. Join the conversation by submitting your article on the strategies and methodologies you are experimenting with to engage youth in your community.
Engaging our Youth

It Happened After Two Full Years
by Rabbi Jack Paskoff

The first time I suggested changing Confirmation to 12th grade, it seemed as if I had thrown down the first set of tablets received at Sinai. There were those concerned about my tampering with tradition and others who were convinced that we would see a huge drop off in enrollment after Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Read more>


Mincha: Committing to the Whole Teen
by Ellie Klein Goldman

We have come to understand that there is just no good reason to waste time and effort trying to compete with extracurricular sports and activities. The special interests of our young people are what make them more interesting, more valuable to our community and, frankly, more fun to hang out with. Read more>


When Numbers Aren’t Everything: Defining Qualitative Success
by Michael Fuld

Defining success is one of the key components to any organization. As a youth professional, when someone asks me, “How did the event go?” it’s almost always followed by, “How many people were there?” In our field, the number of participants that we serve is something that is constantly being scrutinized. We’ve all heard the numbers. Read more >


Slam Dunk: Fantasy Sports as a Portal to New Youth Group Models
by Beryl Trauth-Jurman

I noticed that there was a certain group of kids who were never coming to events. These kids were interested in sports and with our current capabilities, the synagogue was not able to host sports activities. That meant these kids never came to events. We knew we weren’t going to reach them with our existing menu of programming and I wanted to find a way to include them in something, meaning we would probably need something new. Read more >


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When the Door Isn’t Always Open: Inclusion and Jewish Teens
February is Jewish Disability Awareness Month, a time we rededicate ourselves to the importance of increasing opportunities for all people to feel included in our community. In her article, Pamela Schuller shares strategies for youth professionals to create a welcome space for every teen.
Youth Engagement Around the Web

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