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October 4, 2015 | 21st Tishrei 5776

Stronger Together: The story of a community's regrowth


Engaging our Youth
Stronger Together: The Story of a Community's Regrowth
by Ivy Cohen

Five years ago, the three Reform Synagogues in the Metropolitan New Orleans Area, each with their own unique, rich and glorious histories faced a common problem: their youth groups had shrunk to an unsustainable size. The synagogues each had a volunteer advisor who worked diligently to recruit and publicize their events. However, they were unable to get critical participation numbers, and the investment was outweighing the returns.  Read more>


It Won't Work If Congregations and Educators...
by Ava Kurnow

When I arrived at Beth Israel of San Diego four years ago, a congregational task force on youth engagement was wrapping up their short-term assignment to address some key concerns: dissatisfaction with post b'nai mitzvah retention, lack of communication, lack of connectedness of youth and their families and the lack of organized events to bring our youth together. 
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Tivnu: Building Justice
by Steve Eisenbach-Budner

Tivnu: Building Justice is a new organization based in Portland, Oregon. Tivnu is proud to partner with URJ’s Mitzvah Corps Portland this summer, and, this fall Tivnu is launching the first stateside Jewish gap year program. We believe that it is important for Jews to engage in social justice work not just as individuals, but as representatives of the Jewish community in partnership with other communities.  Read more >


Youth Engagement Around the Web
In 2008, the Foundation for Jewish Camp launched the Specialty Camps Incubator to support the creation and development of five new Jewish specialty camps. Six years later, an executive summary helps to show the impact of specialty camping.

Rachel Cort writes: "The people who ultimately become Jewish professionals are the ones that loved their formative experiences in Jewish life so much that they decided to make a career of it." 

In honor of Jewish Disability Awareness Month, Rabbi Paul Kipnes shares his secrets to making the congregation accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Recently, teen leaders from NFTY and BBYO met to discuss the power and potential of working together. One NFTYite shared his perspective and discusses how he came to embrace the partnership.

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