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October 4, 2015 | 21st Tishrei 5776

Resources for a Debbie Friedman Friday Night Service

Debbie FriedmanAs Rabbi Jonathan Blake of Westchester Reform Temple notes: "'Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.' (A. Einstein) What else could account for Debbie's death coming in poetic symmetry with the weekly Torah portion, Beshallach, the Song at the Sea, sung the Jewish world over this Shabbat, which is named Shabbat Shirah, the Sabbath of Song?"

This Friday evening as we celebrate Shabbat Shirah in our congregations, we offer you an annotated worship outline utilizing melodies that Debbie Friedman z"l created during her brief time here on earth, and resources for her notated and recorded materials. Through her prodigious gifts and talents, Debbie taught us to pray. Let us join together across North America and reaffirm the legacy that she has left in our hands.

All of the following texts are found in Mishkan T'filah and have setttings (sometimes more than one) composed by Debbie Friedman - except if in bold type. Page numbers are according to the full version of Mishkan T'filah and are also the page numbers found in parenthesis in the Shabbat version. 

Page Prayer
  Nigun (Sung to the melody of Birchot Havdalah), Shireinu, #250/p.65
121 Let Us Light These Lights (before candle blessings), Shireinu #236/p.215
129 Dodi Li, Shireinu #33C./p.91
132/133 Sing Unto God (As Psalms 96-98), Shireinu, #139/p.319
218 (substitution/Psalm 150/Hallelluyah) Shireinu, #183A/134
138 L'cha Dodi, Shireinu,#247F/p.200
140 Mizmor Shir L'Yom HaShabbat, Music for Shabbat Worship, p.7
146 Barchu, The Best of Debbie Friedman, p.9
150 Ahavat Olam, Shireinu, #189/p.9
152 Shma, Shireinu, #190C/p.306
154 Thou Shalt Love, Shireinu, #190C/p.306
158/646 Mi Chamocha/Miriam's Song, Shireinu, #192C/D/p.236/237 and #113/p.245
162 V'shamru, Shireinu, #196A/p.355 or Blessings p.15/16
176 Modim (Vaanachnu N'varech Yah), Shireinu, #204B/p.254
  Rebbe Nachman's Prayer (You are the One), Shireinu, #127/p. 386
180 Oseh Shalom, Shireinu, #209C/p.267

Mi Shebeirach, Shireinu, #226A/p.240


Marking Debbie's Commitment to Social Justice

Save a Life, The Complete Jewish Songbook for Children

Manginot, Volume 2, p.179-181


As a Memorial to Debbie

576 Psalm 23, Renewal of Spirit, p.12
(This text is not found in the volume, Mishkan T'filah for Shabbat)
667 Kaddish D'Rabbanan - Shireinu, #81/p.177
(For use upon completion of teaching Debbie Friedman's life story)

Those Who Sow in Tears, Reap in Joy, Ruach 5767, p.16
(for use either pre-Kaddish and/or post-Kaddish)


Closing Songs

645 L'chi Lach, Shireinu, #89/p.201
649 T'filat Haderech, Shireinu #140/p.327
669 Not by Might and Not by Power, Shireinu #117/p.257



Most of Debbie Friedman's recorded music and some notated music is available through Sounds Write Productions. 

CD Titles include:

Much of Debbie Friedman's notated music is available through Transcontinental Music Publications

Both Sounds Write Productions and Transcontinental Music Publications are part of URJ Books and Music.

Published books with musical notation include:

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