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October 9, 2015 | 26th Tishrei 5776

Rabbi Alysa Stanton, Greenville, NC

Debbie's impact on my life and consequently on my rabbinate was transformative. I first heard her music in the 90's when she came to our temple to do a concert.

Her music touched my soul. I later met Debbie at a C.A.J.E. conference and joined her in song with other choir members of the conference. There was an instance during rehearsal, when she stopped singing and playing the guitar. She deliberately looked at each of us and stated "If you could see yourself as G-d sees you, you would never doubt yourself again." That statement brought many of us to tears. At a later date, I attended Hava Nishira. I was tentative to enter the registration building, for I knew no attendees. It was then that Debbie walked into the room. Not only did she give me a big bear hug of welcome, she remembered my name. She taught us how music is a powerful tool, not to be taken lightly. She encouraged us to use our gifts to encourage and empower others while at the same time honoring G-d. She will be missed. Her spirit of song lives within each of us ,who were touched not only by her music, but by her life.

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