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October 5, 2015 | 22nd Tishrei 5776

Jimmy Richman and Amy Citron Richman, Temple B'nai Israel, Tampa, FL

I have never met Debbie as a youth but my wife Amy Citron was a friend and a co-conspiritor in the PAFTY organization.

I finally did meet her at our temple a few years back and her attitude and spirit reminded me of people I have known who have impacted the world. I am amazed at how moved I was when I heard of Debbie's passing. I will pray for the family to be able to move on as Debbie would want them to. God did not build a stairway that leads to a black hole. My faith has taught me that our essense (spirit) moves to a different dimension after we pass. And guess what. Nobody gets out of here alive.

May my prayers be felt by all the people whose lives Debbie impacted.

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