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September 3, 2015 | 19th Elul 5775

Ted Bernstein, North Bend, WA

Dearest Debbie,

Your incredible and amazing musical gift to the world fills us all with AWE... music overflowing with inspiration, purpose, depth, spirit, spirituality, passion, and life. We just LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing your songs!

You pushed yourself to give... you wanted us to feel through your music and the liturgical words; peace, assurance, faith, hope, enthusiasm, optimism, fun, self worth, involvement, and acceptance. You composed your wonders tirelessly with vision and with strength. You did so until you couldn't any more and the illness of multiple sclerosis overcame you. Your sweet guitar draping your coffin caused us to cry.

In our grief we want to listen to you singing Mi Shebeirach... bringing healing and renewal. But you're not here to sing it to us any more.

Debbie, you were so much a blessing.
You are painfully missed; your precious gift is eternal.

'Arise, Arise Devorah, Arise, Arise and Sing a Song.' Oh Debbie! You so did!

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